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The baby new to earth and sky,
what time his tender palm us prest
against the circle of the brest,
has never thought that "this is I"

but as he grows he gathers much,
and learns the use of  "I" and "me",
and finds   "I am not what I see,
and other than the things I touch",

so rounds he to a separete mind
from hence clear memory may begin,
as thro" the frame that binds him in
his isolation grow defined.

this use may lie in blood and breath,
wich else were fruitless of there due,
had man to learn himself anew
beyound the second birth of Death.

                                    Tennyson, In memoriam - elegia, publicado em 1850.

O que dizer mais?
Obrigada mae, que me permitiu vir a Terra
e presenciar mais um dia solar.
Obrigada pai, que me empurrou do ninho
para que eu quisesse cantar em um dia solar.
Obrigada aos dois, por me mostrarem
que a vida a dois e complexa
dificil e misteriosa
o que me faz querer conhecer-lhe a essencia.


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